Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2007
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives, Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D)
Policy Target:
Agency:Transport Canada
Funding:CAD 9.5 million over 4 years
Description:As part of the ecoFREIGHT initiative, the Freight Technology Incentives Program provides cost shared funding to support the purchase and installation of proven technologies throughout the freight transportation system that can reduce the emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHG). Examples of eligible projects under the programme include (but are not limited to): - purchase of diesel anti-idling equipments in rail yards, ports, airports and trucking stations; - purchase of hybrid switching locomotives; - purchase of electronic speed control systems. Canadian and non-Canadian private enterprises, including not-for-profit organizations, which operate freight transportation in Canada using any of the four modes (air, marine, rail, and road). Examples include air carriers, railways, trucking companies, marine carriers, and eligible port and airport facilities. Projects can be funded to cover a maximum of 50% of project total eligible costs or CAD 500,000 over a two-year period.

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