Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2011
Policy Type:Policy Support>Strategic planning
Policy Target:Industry>Energy management, Energy Utilities>Electricity>Generation
Agency:Ministry of Energy and Mines

The Ministry of Energy and Mines released in October 2011 the New Brunswick Energy Blueprint, which presents a detailed action plan for implementing a strategic direction for the province’s energy future over the next 10 years. Included amongst the 20 government actionable items was the development of a three year electricity efficiency plan by the electric utilities in conjunction with Efficiency NB, a government Crown Agency.

The objectives of this document are threefold

  1. outline the thorough process and detailed work that led to the development of the Plan;
  2. present the program investments and the associated benefits; and,
  3. provide an overview of the existing and new programs and activities aimed at helping the province’s citizens and businesses in reducing their electricity bills.
25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Energy utilities, Industry

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