Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2014
Policy Type:Economic Instruments, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives
Policy Target:Residential Appliances, Residential Appliances>Water heating, Residential Appliances>Space heating, Residential Appliances>Space cooling, Residential Appliances>Refrigeration
Agency:Town of Banff

Residents of the Town of Banff may apply for rebates and incentives when adding green and energy-efficient features to their homes. Rebates and incentives include the following:
• high-efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) full-sized refrigerators - $200 post-purchase rebate
• window and door (ENERGY STAR certified) replacement rebate - $50 post-purchase
• certified Solar Hot Water System Rebate - $650 post-purchase rebate
• high-efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) dishwasher - $100 post-purchase rebate
• programmable thermostats - $50 post-purchase rebate
• high-efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) furnace - $500 post-purchase rebate
• energy audit rebate - $100 post-purchase rebate
• ENERGY STAR Most Efficient' certified front loading clothes washers - $100 post-purchase rebate

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