Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2008
Date Amended:


Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives
Policy Target:Energy Sector>Energy Efficiency / Demand Reduction
Agency:Prince Edward Island Office of Energy Efficiency

Prince Edward Island (PEI) has implemented several programs to enhance efficiency in the residential and commercial building sector:

PEI Residential Energy Efficiency Program (2008)

This is an incentive program for residential property owners who wish to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties, consisting of a grant program for eligible upgrades. This program is run through the PEI Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE). Since opening in 2008, the OEE has provided $5 million in grants to almost 6,000 residential clients; $9.4 million in loans to 1,775 residential clients; a free weatherization service for 2,900 low-income homes (resulting in an average heat cost savings of $350 annually). 

PEI Program for Energy Savings Incentives (2009)

The Office of Energy Efficiency provides financial incentives to help retrofit existing commercial building to its maximum energy efficiency potential. It includes financial assistance for an energy evaluation and towards energy upgrade costs. The OEE has also assisted over 500 businesses in reducing their energy consumption and generated over $50 million in building renovation expenditures for local contractors.

PEI Multi Unit Residential Buildings (MURB) grant program (2009)

Run by the OEE, this is an incentive program for MURB property owners who wish to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties. It consists of a grant program to assist with the implementation of eligible upgrades.


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