Year:2013 (last amended mid-2015)
Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2013 (last amended mid-2015)
Date Amended:

January 2014 - introduction of 20% revenue tax on solar PV and wind operators receiving FITs. Repealed in July 2014;

March 2015 - FIT scheme limited only to few project types;

July 2015 - retroactive tax of 5% introduced to all power producers, including renewable energy power generators receiving FITs.

Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:Multiple RE Sources>All
Policy Sector:Electricity, Heating and Cooling
Size of Plant Targeted:Small and Large

The act regulates the grid connection of plants, the generation and transmission of electricity and its pricing. It also regulates the access of electricity from renewable sources to the grid and contains provisions for the support of electricity from renewable sources.

It stipulates that the costs of feed-in tariff schemes are borne by the electricity consumers. 

The grid operator is not obliged to connect a renewable energy plant if he can prove that grid capacity is insufficient or that the security of supply is at risk. The grid operators are obliged to grant access only if the annual grid capacity limits have not yet been reached. These capacity limits are set annually by the regulatory authority with a relation to a fulfilment of NREAP.


On 1st January 2014 Government of Bulgaria introduced a 20% revenue tax on wind and solar power producers. In July 2014 Bulgarian Constitutional Court ruled that this tax is unconstitutional repealing the fee.

On 7th of March 2015 amendments to the Renewable Energy Act and Energy Act in Bulgaria entered into force with the immediate effect limiting feed-in tariff scheme. Starting immediately only power plants using as biomass renewable resource flora and animal residues and power plants with overall installed capacity up to 30 kW which are envisaged to be mounted on roof and facade structures of buildings connected to the electricity distribution grid will be eligible for feed-in tariff support and benefit from mandatory power purchase. Existing operational project will continue to benefit from their respective feed-in tariffs and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

On 22nd of July 2015 amendments to the Renewable Energy Act and Energy Act were introduced imposing a retroactive fee of 5% was imposed on all electricity producers.



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