Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2004
Policy Type:
Policy Target:Transport>Transport systems>Modal shift
Agency:Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport

The main tool to reduce vehicle travels or transport demand is territory planning which is a regional compentence.

Two measures can reduce travel demand:
– The Federal government makes available for companies diagnostic tools that can serve as a basis for setting up company transport plans.
– At the federal level, the legal framework is favorable for teleworking.

The other measures aimed at modal shift:
– For federal civil servant, the use of public transport for home-work journey is free.
– Federal civil servant receive anallowance of 0,22 €/km for home-work travel by bicycle wich is free of tax and social security
– For private sector, the non-compulsory allowance paid by employers for home-work travel by bicycle is free of tax and social security charges up to 0,22 €/km
– For private sector , if the employer pay 80 % of home work travel cost by train and convention has been signed between the employer and the SNCB, the state pay the remaining 20 %. In this case, home work travel is free for the employee.

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