Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2005
Policy Type:Voluntary Approaches>Public Voluntary Schemes
Policy Target:Buildings>Non-Residential
Agency:Federal Institute for Sustainable Development
Evaluation:Status at Begin of 2016: 21 federal institution dispose of EMAS-registration (or similar) and that for 45 sites. Some institutions with more than 1 site stopped and some institutions started, that the reason the site stays at a number of 45.

Proposed by the Secretary for Sustainable Development, the federal government decided on 20th July 2005 that all Federal Public Services have to be EMAS certified by 2007. EMAS is an environmental management system, and stands for Eco-Management et Audit Scheme, and includes energy management and energy-saving measures.

The EMAS-objective was extended by decision on 20 July 2012 by the Council of Ministers.

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