Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2000
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:
Agency:Flemish Energy Agency + Public Service of Wallonia - DGO4 - Department of Energy and Sustainable Building

Wallonia The Walloon Region has 13 energy information kiosks that provide information and audits to individuals seeking to save energy through improvements in thermal insulation of their dwellings, heating, solar panels for sanitary hot water, lighting, electric appliances, etc. Every year, the Walloon Region launches a general multimedia motivation campaign for the residential sector on energy savings in housing. The Region organises several training programmes for energy managers in public buildings, teachers in vocational schools for carpenters and bricklayers to improve the quality of thermal insulation, and for architects. A handbook for energy managers has been published. A CD-ROM on lighting efficiency design is being prepared. A Newsletter, "Le REActif" (Le Responsable Energie Actif), which is targeted at the tertiary sector, is published, but specific information is designed for the industrial sector. The Region also has kiosks providing information on energy savings for heating, thermal insulation of buildings and lighting in small and medium-sized enterprises. The RUE Broker programme, aimed at SMEs, includes: - In agreement with the SME, the RUE Broker analyses the energy balance of the enterprise and detects the major problems. He proposes solutions and provides information about the incentives and accompanying measures available from the Walloon Region. - In a few cases, the RUE Broker makes a deeper analysis (Energy Potential Scan method, which was developed in the Netherlands) and proposes more elaborate solutions. - This action is sustained 100% by the Walloon Region, the SME assuming responsibility for its own human and material participation. COGENSUD is a non-profit organisation in charge of the promotion of combined heat and power (CHP) within the Walloon Region. Flanders VIREG (Vlaamse Instelling voor het Rationeel Energieverbruik, Flemish Institute for the Rational Use of Energy (RUE)), created in September 1997, seeks to involve actively the different actors in RUE policy, to co-ordinate Flemish initiatives in the field of RUE and ensure that available funds are used in the best possible way. More particularly, the tasks of VIREG are to determine the energy saving potential within the Region, plan and executive concrete actions in energy efficiency and monitor these actions. One of the most important actions of VIREG is the annual organisation of the "month of RUE" in October. VITO (Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek, Flemish Institute for Technological Research) raises energy awareness in the industrial sector and among the public through the Information System on Energy and Environmental (EMIS). Flanders has also established energy efficiency consultancy departments for small and medium-sized enterprises in each of the five regional development companies. The Flemish Energy Agency subsidizes federations and organisations for carrying out energy consultancy and information activities directed towards SMEs and citizens. Brussels-Capital In Brussels-Capital, the Agence Bruxelloise de lEnergie Brussels EnergieAgentschap (ABEA) provides practical advice and information on existing subsidy schemes for RUE and renewable energy applications to individuals and small enterprises. A specific training for Energy Managers has also been introduced in 2004 for technical managers of large properties.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Buildings, Improved energy efficiency in existing buildings, Buildings, Energy performance of building components and systems

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