Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2007
Policy Type:Information and Education>Information provision
Policy Target:Industry
Description:The expert system for the supply of thermal energy in industry (EINSTEIN), which is financed by Intelligent Energy Europe, is being implemented in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Belgium. The project seeks to address the large unexploited potential for reducing thermal energy demand that could be achieved through the intelligent combination of existing affordable technologies. It aims to contribute to the widespread implementation of integrated energy-efficient solutions in industries with low and medium temperature heat demands, especially, the wood processing, food and metal treatment sectors. The main actions intended within the project are: - developing and disseminating an EINSTEIN auditing tool kit, which guides the user through auditing, data processing, and elaborating, designing and quantitatively evaluating alternative solutions to integrate heat recovery with the most cost competitive heat and cold supply technologies; - training of energy auditors and industrials; - realising auditing campaigns; and - disseminating activities at the EU level. In Austria, the project forms part of the Austrian energy efficiency programme for small and medium sized enterprises, which seeks to achieve yearly energy savings of up to 60 Mio kWh, or carbon dioxide savings of up to 45,000 tonnes.

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