Policy status:Unknown
Date Effective:1995
Date Ended:2012
Policy Type:Regulatory Instruments>Codes and standards>Building codes and standards
Policy Target:Buildings>Building Code

Minimum thermal standards for buildings are defined in the Technical Construction Regulations of the states by way of U-values (=k-values) for different construction components, although most states opened the possibility for a more flexible approach by defining certain energy demand codes for the whole building (per square metre). Almost all states have improved U-values over the past years and in some cases have also gone well beyond minimum standards within the existing “Agreement on Energy Saving” of 1995 on the basis of Article 15a of the Federal Constitution Act between the federation and the nine provinces. In general, technical construction regulations apply only to newly constructed buildings (except, for example, change of windows). As long as no obligatory standards for renovation measures exist, thermal standards of the old building stock therefore need to be influenced mainly by other instruments, especially public support schemes for renovation.

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