Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:2001
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Taxes, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives
Policy Target:Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable>Wind, Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable>Bioenergy, Energy Sector>Electricity Generation>Renewable>Solar Photovoltaic
Agency:Elektrizitaets-Control GmbH

According to the Energy Liberalisation/Electricity Act 2000, the provincial governments set minimum prices (feed-in tariffs) for electric energy purchased by grid operators from plants recognised as eco-plants. These prices are based on the average cost of generating electricity from the eco-plants, including the value of electricity used, as well as past or actual subsidies. If the expenses from purchasing the electricity at fixed tariffs exceed the revenue from sales, the grid operator will be reimbursed for the balance between the minimum or purchase price and the proceeds achieved. The required sums are raised by a surcharge to the network tariff (paid by the end-user) which is set by the Provincial Governor. This surcharge is set annually on the basis of the additional expenses incurred in the previous year. If a Provincial Governor fails to determine minimum prices and surcharges by 31 March 2002, this competence will pass to Elektrizitäts-Control GmbH. It will retain this competence until provisions issued by the respective Provincial Governor enter into force. By October 2001, only the Province of Vorarlberg had introduced new feed-in tariffs, valid from 1 October 2001 (tariffs in Sch/kWh): - solid biomass: 1.3-1.8 for existing plants; 1.3-2.2 for new plants; - liquid biomass: 1.7 for existing plants, 2 for new plants; - biogas: 1.2-1.55 for existing plants, 1.71-2.2 for new plants; - wind: 1.5 for new plants; - solar (photovoltaic): 7 for existing plants, 5-10 for new plants, depending on capacity. The equalisation levy for eco-electricity is 1.59 Sch/kWh. The surcharge to the network tariff is 1.11 Gr/kWh (0.08 cent/KWh).

This record is superseded by:Green Electricity Act

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