Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:2009
Policy Type:Economic Instruments>Market-based instruments>Green certificates, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Grants and subsidies
Policy Target:Wind, Hydropower, Solar>Solar photovoltaic
Policy Sector:Electricity
Size of Plant Targeted:Small
Agency:Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

The Solar Credits scheme operates within the 20% by 2020 Renewable Energy Target. Solar Credits provides an up-front capital subsidy toward the installation of small scale systems, in the form of a multiplied credit for electricity generated from small scale solar, wind and hydro electricity systems. The multiplied credit is applied to the first 1.5kW of grid connected systems or the first 10kW of remote systems.

The scheme replaces the Solar Homes and Communities Plan.

The multiplier reduces over the life of the scheme, which began on 1 July 2009 and will be phased out by 30 June 2014.

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This record supersedes:Solar Homes and Communities Plan (formerly Photovoltaic Rebate Program)

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