Policy status:Ended
Date Effective:1999
Policy Type:Policy Support
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy
Agency:ISR/Commonweatlth, State and Territory Governments
Description:The National Greenhouse Strategy allocated funds to an audit of then existing Commonwealth, State and Territory government energy information services, aiming to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery of energy efficiency and GHG abatement information programmes by all levels of government. The survey reviewed energy magazines, databases, internet sites, educational videos and CDs and energy inquiry services. Following the survey, the Australian government announced a 2001 public information campaign to increase awareness and influence behaviour regarding the abatement of GHG emissions. The campaign advised citizens on the most energy-efficient practices within and beyond the home (with information on electrical appliances, transport, home heating and cooling, etc.) through television, newspaper and magazine advertising, supplemented by a telephone hotline.

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