Policy status:Superseded
Date Effective:1989
Policy Type:Information and Education>Performance Label, Information and Education>Performance Label>Comparison label
Policy Target:Lighting>Space heating, Industry>Industrial equipment>Motors, Residential Appliances>Water heating, Residential Appliances>Cooking & Laundry, Residential Appliances>Refrigeration, Residential Appliances>Home entertainment, Residential Appliances>Space cooling, Residential Appliances>Space heating
Agency:Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency - Equipment Energy Efficiency Program
Enforcement:Regulations are enforced through state and territory government legislation

Product energy labelling is part of the broader Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program. The E3 program aims to increase the energy efficiency of appliances and equipment used in the residential, commercial and manufacturing sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Program objectives are to deliver cost-effective greenhouse gas abatement by addressing market failures and lower the cost to consumers of operating energy using appliances and equipment. The Australian labelling program is based on a star system, rated from one to ten. As at December 2010, seven products have mandatory Energy Rating Labels, two products have voluntary labels and two products have high efficiency performance standards (HEPS). The program is managed by the Equipment Energy Efficiency committee comprising officials from the Australian Government, State and Territory government agencies and the New Zealand Government. The E3 program is part of the National Framework for Energy Efficiency and overseen by the Ministerial Council on Energy. The Australian Gas Association (AGA), together with the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia, developed voluntary energy labelling and minimum performance programmes for the two main gas-using appliances (gas water heating systems and space heaters) in Australia. As AGA is recognised as a standard-setting body for gas issues, the energy programmes were designed to comply with these standards. While participation in the labelling programme is notionally voluntary, all appliances comply as all suppliers are members of these associations.

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