Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2002
Date Amended:

2005; 2016

Policy Type:Research, Development and Deployment (RD&D), Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives, Policy Support
Policy Target:Framework/ Multi-sectoral Policy, Buildings, Resilience / Adaptation
Agency:State of Victoria, Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Funding:A$ 100 million

Australia's Victorian State government has allocated AUD 100 million to climate change programs over the period to 2004. The goals of the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy (VGS) are to:

  • Build awareness and understanding of greenhouse issues
  • Limit Victorias greenhouse gas emissions and enhance greenhouse sinks
  • Position Victoria to prosper in a future carbon constrained economy, including creating an environment in which Victorian industry can take advantage of business opportunities in greenhouse gas mitigation
  • Develop a greater understanding of climate change impacts and, where appropriate, initiate adaptation actions relevant to Victoria.


The Victorian Greenhouse Strategy contains 59 actions presented in 10 modules:

  • Government leadership
  • Energy supply
  • Greenhouse best practice in Victorian industry and commerce
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through improved management of wastes
  • Working with local government and the community
  • Greenhouse friendly households
  • Influencing travel choices and behaviour
  • Greenhouse sinks and natural resource management
  • Supporting greenhouse best practice in agriculture
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation


The 2005 Victorian Greenhouse Strategy Action Plan Update acknowledges these recent developments in state, national and international policy settings; builds on the actions and commitments initiated by the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy (2002); and responds to the need to advance action on both emissions abatement and adaptation.

The Action Plan Update includes a discussion of the Strategic Setting for the Government’s greenhouse response. This provides a snapshot of the current context and high level drivers for action by Victoria, and the broad policy commitments and overarching directions being pursued by the Government in relation to climate change. The Action Plan Update also describes the wide range of Actions being pursued by the Government both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to facilitate adaptive responses to the impacts of climate change. In doing so, a number of key Government policy and program documents which contribute to the Victorian Government’s overall greenhouse response are identified, together with a suite of specific policies and programs across six activity areas that will advance Victoria’s response to climate change

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