Policy status:In Force
Date Effective:2010
Policy Type:Information and Education, Policy Support
Policy Target:Buildings
Agency:Secretaria de Energia
Legal References:Decreto 140/2007

This program was established under the National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy. The aim is to implement energy efficiency measures in national public buildings, to address lack of knowledge on the energy usage of these buildings, to control and reduce the consumption of electricity and natural gas, to build capacity of national public administration staff, to standardise the management system, to establish recommendations and implement energy efficiency measures. The Secretaria de Energia (Ministry of Energy) provides technical support and has developed a document with energy efficiency recommendations for public sector buildings.

25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations Applied:Buildings
Related policies:National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy (Programa Nacional de Uso Racional y Efficient de la Energia)

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