The Law of the Russian Federation on Subsoil

Last updated: 12 February 2020

The law requires a license to explore and produce minerals from the subsoil. The license certifies the right to mineral extraction for a certain geographic area and for a specified time period. Private entities as well as political subdivisions of Russia must acquire a license for these activities. An agreement may also be concluded to set conditions for use. (Art. 11)

The government can teminate a license for violation of its "essential" conditions, or for safety threats to the workers and the surrounding community. (Art. 20)

Article 23 prohibit subsoil pollution especially during underground storage of oil or gas; Article 24 requires safe operations for workers, including monitoring of the mine atmosphere and the presence of "harmful and explosive gases"; ceasing work if levels of these gases exceed health standards; and preventing "sudden emissions of gases."

Permit conditions could directly or indirectly curb methane emissions. (They might also enable the venting of methane, for safety reasons.)

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