Federal Law on Environmental Protection No. 7-FZ and related decrees

Last updated: 5 February 2020

The law requires payment for pollution, including emissions into the atmosphere. The law makes clear that payment of these "pollution fees" does not protect an activity from other liability for environmental harm. (Art. 16)

The government shall set limits on emissions and dumping based on the norms of admissible human load on the environment, the norms of environmental quality and also technological norms, and use this in permits for the polluting activities. (Art. 23)

The construction and operation of oil and gas production, processing, transport, storage, and sales facilities shall comply with this law. These facilities may be held liable for compensation of environmental damages, and permitting should be conditioned on a showing of financial ability to restore the site once the activity ceases. (Art. 46)

Decree no. 1148 (8 Nov 2012), On the Features of Calculating the Payment for Emissions of Pollutants Generated During Flaring and (or) Dispersal of Associated Petroleum Gas - ties flaring and venting methane to the pollution fee (para 2), and sets the government target of not flaring or venting more than 5% of associated petroleum gas (APG) (para 3).

Decree no. 913 (1 Jan 2016, as amended 9 Dec 2017 and 29 June 2018), About Rates of Fees for Negative Environmental Impact and Additional Ratios - adds a multiplier of 2, to pollution emitted in areas under special federal protection (para 2); increases the base pollution fee for methane to 103.5 rubles per ton in 2016, and 108 rubles per ton in 2017 and 2018.

Decree no. 255 (25 March 2017), About Calculation and Collection for Negative Environmental Impact - references Decree no. 1148 (para 3): requires persons obliged to pay the fee to calculate it themselves, using the base fees (para 8) and the correct formula (if emissions are within permit limits, para 17; if the emissions are within temporarily agreed-upon limits, para 19; para 21 if the emissions exceed both); investments to reduce pollution (including to use or sell associated gas) can be deducted,  (paras 25-29). Link (bc too many on "resources" page): http://government.ru/docs/all/110668/

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