9/2017 Public Sector Contracts Law

Last updated: 6 August 2019

In its Preamble, the Law even states: "The objectives underlying the regulation contained in this Law are, first, to achieve greater transparency in public procurement, and secondly to achieve a better quality-price ratio."

In order to achieve the latter objective for the first time, contracting authorities are obliged to ensure that the design of award criteria allows high quality works, supplies and services to be obtained, in particular by including qualitative, environmental, social and innovative aspects linked to the object of the contract". The whole text is embedded in these references to environmental criteria, which include energy efficiency.

For example, in Article 145 “Conditions and classes of contract award criteria”, the environmental criteria are specified, inter alia, in: the reduction in the level of greenhouse gas emissions; the use of energy saving and efficiency measures and the use of energy from renewable sources during the implementation of the contract.

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