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Build Smart: Canada's Buildings Strategy

Last updated: 14 September 2020
Build Smart: Canada’s Building Strategy, is an implementation plan for actions under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change targeting the built environment, endorsed by federal, provincial and territorial Energy Ministers. Canada’s Building Strategy includes measures to:
• Promote retrofits in new and existing buildings, including through research, development, and demonstration initiatives that improve how homes and buildings are designed, renovated, and constructed, as well as through commissioning and recommissioning efforts
• Working with the National Research Council (NRC), the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC), and provinces and territories to develop national energy codes for new and existing homes and buildings. These model codes will be available starting in 2020. The goal for new builds is for jurisdictions to adopt a Net Zero Energy Ready code for use by 2030.
• Create new standards for high efficiency equipment and appliances including through the implementation of a Market Transformation Framework
• Support the implementation of energy labelling and energy use disclosure, including through the development of a national online platform on home and building energy labelling and disclosure
• Support Indigenous communities in incorporating energy efficiency in construction, renovation and repair of housing

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