Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) Lighting Programme

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The BLY Programme is a market transformation scheme developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to promote energy-efficient lighting in India. There are no mandatory requirements in India requiring the use of energy efficient CFL at the household level.
The BLY thus aims to incentivise households to use energy efficient CFL lightbulbs, by providing them at the same cost as incandescent bulbs. Quality long-life CFLs are distributed to grid-connected residential households in exchange for an incandescent lamp (ICL) or INR 15. The cost differential will be made up by a project implementer through carbon credits earned, which are in turn traded in the international market under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
The BEE is the overall coordinator for this scheme, while the distribution companies assist in the distribution of the CFL lamps.
As of 2013, 29 million CFLs have been distributed leading to avoided generation capacity of 415 MW, with many more projects underway.

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End uses covered
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