Energy and Climate Neutrality in Federal Buildings by 2040 - Draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP)

Last updated: 26 June 2020

Align the energy performance of federal public buildings with the objective of achieving neutrality by 2040:

  • In view of the wide variety of buildings affected, action plans will need to be drawn up for each building type (different standards could be envisaged for protected or listed buildings). In addition, current obstacles (market supply, existing standards, rental or partnership constraints, budget, continuity of service, etc.) that might prevent the project from being completed on time will have to be analysed. The concepts of energy and climate neutrality must also be clearly defined.
  • Budget commitments will have to be guaranteed via multiannual plans with separate appropriations (over 5, 6 or 7 years) and 20-year budgets, depending on how ambitious the government wants to be.
  • Other improvements could come from further rationalisation of the public estate by reducing the portfolio (vacating premises) and relocating to buildings with high levels of energy performance and no need for renovation (such as new prisons).

(Draft NECP - Courtesy Translation by 2019 page 69)

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