Commercial Energy Saving Measures

Last updated: 4 April 2019

By implementing any number of energy saving measures there is an incentive for the gas saved, from $0.10/m3 to $0.30/m3, up to 50% of the project cost (not to exceed $100,000).

These one-time incentives are calculated based on the projected first year's natural gas savings and will be remitted upon project completion.

The following improvements are examples of eligible measures:

Higher efficiency boilers

    • Converting conventional atmospheric boilers to high-efficiency or condensing boilers
    • Installing reflective panels on radiators
    • Improving boiler controls
    • Installing primary and secondary piping
    • Converting to intermittent pump

Other measures:

    • Higher efficiency combination water and space heating systems: Installing furnaces that also heat hot water
    • Betting Building Controls: Installing energy management systems and other automated controls
    • Water Conservation: Converting to low-flow showerheads
    • Efficient make-up air and ventilation: Installing heat recovering systems  & Improving ventilation controls 

Development Authority: Enbridge   

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building vintage
  • Existing buildings
  • Multiple end-uses