Building Efficiency Program

Last updated: 4 April 2019
takeCHARGE can help identify and pay for energy efficiency improvements for the business. The incentive is up to $50,000 back when investing in energy saving upgrades in heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting and controls, and more. Plus, there is a potential of money back when  reducing demand.

An energy assessment of the commercial facility will be conducted by a takeCHARGE energy expert. This high-level assessment is fully funded by takeCHARGE. After the visit, a prioritized list of recommended projects designed to reduce the energy use is created.

Depending on the complexity of the project an energy audit or feasibility study may be required. takeCHARGE funding may also be available to help with these costs. Projects can be made in the food retail sector and in the ones of hospitality and space offices.

Examples of upgrades in the food retail sector:

    • Replace evaporator fan motors with ECM motors. ECM motors can reduce energy use by over 50%.

    • Install variable speed compressors. A compressor driven by a variable speed drive reduces energy requirements.

    • Upgrade refrigeration to floating head pressure controls to reduce energy needs.

    • Refrigerated Case Doors: Open coolers and freezers with doored units will reduce energy use by 60% or more.

Use heat recovery from the refrigeration system for space and water heating. face=Roboto color=black>

Development Authority: Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

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