Build Energy-Efficient Homes Program

Last updated: 18 March 2019
By building to a higher standard, the development is set apart and recognized as a leader in energy-efficient home construction. The prospective home buyers will feel the difference with these homes as they enjoy a more comfortable and healthier place to live, plus the ongoing benefit of lower energy bills year after year.
The energy performance of these homes is determined by the EnerGuide rating system for new homes. There are financial incentives for qualified homes that are natural gas heated, provided by FortisBC and electrically-heated homes in the FortisBC electric service territory.
The following presents the three performance levels:
An ENERGY STAR® certified new home is on average 20 percent more energy efficient than a home built to code. These homes present a practical choice for homeowners looking for a new home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

R-2000-certified new homes are best-in-class energy-efficient homes that include high levels of insulation, clean air features and measures to help protect the environment. This translates into energy savings, increased comfort, and a healthier environment for the homeowner.

Net Zero Homes: CHBA’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council (NZC) supports innovation in our industry with the goal of creating a market advantage for CHBA builder and renovator members pursuing Net Zero Energy performance. The Council's work will help to meet the housing aspirations of Canadians, and renew Canadian leadership in high performance housing.
Development Authority: BC Hydro

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