Good Energy Program (BEEP-Incentives)

Last updated: 15 March 2019
Promote energy efficiency and the use of renewal systems in homes.
Incentive Details:
Energy Assessment
$100 off the cost of a pre and a post energy assessment by a certified energy advisor. Limit up to $200.
$500 for the installation, by a qualified technician, of a heat recovery ventilator with a sensible recovery efficiency of 64% or more at an outside winter design temperature of minus 25°C.
$50 per unit up to $1000 for a total of 20 windows and/or doors per home.
$100 per 5% improvement in air leakage (ACH @ 50Pa) up to a maximum of $1000. Pre/ post energy assessments required.
20% of pre-tax costs of insulating materials and labour. Limit up to $10000. Pre/ post energy assessments required.
Super-Insulating New Homes
Up to $10000 when the EnerGuide Rating is 85 or greater. . Pre/ post energy assessments required.
Funding Mechanism: Grants
Recipient Types: Homeowners

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building vintage
  • Existing buildings
  • New buildings