Subsidies for new clean energy vehicles

Last updated: 16 October 2019

The Japanese government started to provide subsidies for the purchase of new clean energy vehicles in 2015, such as electric vehicles, fuel-cell powered vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and clean diesel passenger vehicles, in order to reduce fossile fuel and CO2 emissions from the transport sector. Individuals, local public entities and enterprises can request subsidies for the purchase of these vehicles.

Calculations of the subsidy are determined up by vehicle type. For example, the electric vehicles’ subsidy is determined by vehicle mileage. On the other hand, a fixed level of subsidy is provided for plug-in hybrid vehicles. The upper limits of the subsidy amount by vehicle type are as follows:

i) Electric vehicles and fuel-cell powered vehicles: up to 400 thousand yen

i) Plug-in hybrid vehicles: up to 200 thousand yen

iii) Clean diesel passenger vehicles: up to 150 thousand yen

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End uses covered
  • Transport end-uses
  • Road transport
  • Passenger Vehicles