Vision 2035

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 19 May 2016

The Republic of Djibouti’s Vision 2035 was launched in 2014. This medium and long-term development strategy lays the foundation for future action. It takes into account socially important and promising sectors such as education, tourism, fisheries, new technologies and industry.

The urgent need to improve and modernise Djibouti’s infrastructure is an important aspect of Vision 2035. This would be achieved using public and private sector investments in transport, energy and information and communications technology.

In line with previous development strategies, the vision has established a goal to promote renewable energy resource use for electricity generation. The aim is to actively pursue fuel switching measures from fossil to renewable energy. Government objectives include the following:

  • Increase electrification rates to 60% by 2015
  • Increase share of renewable energy technologies to 87%-100% of energy mix
  • Reform the electricity utility
  • Refurbish and extend the power grid
  • Establish new interconnections

Off-grid rural electrification objectives in rural areas include the following:

  • Solar water pumping
  • PV and small wind for community services (health and education)
  • Household PV (30% of rural electrification from solar PV planned by 2017)

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