Canada - Methane to Markets Partnership

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 18 July 2012
Canada joined the Methane to Markets Partnership in 2005. The Parnership promotes using methane to produce power and heat rather than flaring the gas as waste. Launched by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2004, the Methane to Markets Partnership is an international initiative to advance cost-effective, near-term reductions of methane emissions. Signatory nations will collaborate with other governments and the private sector to reduce global methane emissions and enhance economic growth, promote energy security, and improve the environment. Other Partnership aims include improving mine safety, reducing waste, and improving local air quality. The Partnership initially targets four major methane sources: landfills, underground coal mines, natural gas and oil systems and agricultural waste management. The Partnership has the potential to reduce aggregate annual methane emissions by 50 MtCO2 equivalent by 2015.

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End uses covered
  • Industry end-uses
  • Electricity end-uses