Auto industry - promoting demand for clean vehicles

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 9 September 2020

The French government wants to accelerate the renewal of the old and polluting car fleet by providing incentives to buy  cleaner vehicles, new or used, in exchange for the scrapping of an old vehicle, building on previous electric vehicles stimulus measures.

Encourage EV buying by reinforcing ecologic bonuses.
As of 1st June to the end of 2020, subsidies for the purchase of EVs priced under 45 000 euros to 7 000 for individuals and to 5 000 to businesses, and has also introduced a new 2 000 subsidy for the purchase of plug-in hybrids under 50 000 euros.
535 million EUR will be used in total for 2020.

"Prime à la reconversion" from the 1st of June to end 2020 will be reinforced. Households eligible for the scrapping scheme increased to 18 000 EUR (covering 3/4 of the population), criteria for eligibility was relaxed to include Crit'air 3 vehicles; increased schemes for households to 3000 EUR for a thermal vehicle and 5000 EUR for a EV or hybrid rechargeable vehicle. These exceptional measures will only apply for the first 200 000 demands.
800 million EUR will be used in total for 2020.

Mobilizing public demands, accelerate vehicle fleet transformation to EV and hybrid vehicles, with government imposed 50% target to reach within the auto industry. All B2 sequence vehicle from public demand will have to abide to electronic models.

Increase recharging points: ADVENIR will prolong the budget to 100 million EUR (2020-2023) to increase 45 000 points across the territory. Recharging points will be implemented along the main transport routes of the country and in collective buildings, with the aim of having 100 000 points as of end 2021.

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