South Australia Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme

Last updated: 25 November 2019

In 2009, the government of Southern Australia introduced an energy efficiency obligation for the residential and small business sectors,  concerning  electricity and gas consumption. Obligated parties include primary retailers with 5 000 or more electricity or natural gas residential customers in South Australia; secondary retailers with annual electricity purchases greater than 27 000 MWh, or annual gas purchases greater than 100 000 GJ.

Total energy efficiency targets for primary and secondary retailers: 1,200,000 GJ in 2015, 1,700,000 GJ in 2016, and 2,300,000 GJ in 2016. Primary retailers must achieve the following amounts of the total targets through energy savings in priority low-income households: 230,769 GJ in 2015, 326,923 GJ in 2016, and 442,308 GJ in 2017.

Calculation of savings is based on specified small-scale energy saving measures with deemed energy saving values. Monitoring & verification evaluation are based on random audits of energy saving projects.

Obligated parties can purchase energy savings from specialist third party providers via private bilateral contracts but the obligation does not include white certificates.

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