Ontario Enbridge Industrial Energy Solutions (Enbridge Gas)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Enbridge Industrial Energy Solutions program offers free services and financial incentives designed to help our industrial customers make the most of the energy they consume. Eligible recipients must be industrial natural gas customers, regardless of their energy consumption or company size.
Some of the free services an Energy Solutions Consultant can provide include:
Energy efficiency planning,
Technical training, support and expertise,
Identification and monetization of energy savings opportunities,
Equipment replacement/maintenance advice,
Identification of financial incentives,
Connections to independent business partners.
Enbridge offers financial incentives to offset up to 50% of the cost of identifying, quantifying and implementing energy saving projects. Incentives vary depending on the project, energy consumption and estimated savings.

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building systems
  • Space heating
  • Industry end-uses
  • Industrial equipment
  • Industrial processes