Efficiency Nova Scotia's Building Optimization Program

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Efficiency Nova Scotia's Building Optimization Program is a part of the larger Custom Program, where Efficiency Nova Scotia offers technical assistance, financial incentives and financing to offset the cost of engineering studies, energy efficient equipment and installation for customized projects.

The Building Optimization Program provides a similar offering but with a streamlined application process and a simplified incentive structure to be better suited to recommissioning measures in existing buildings that save electrical energy.

Recommissioning is an optimization process for existing buildings that ensures that its systems and equipment operate as intended, and meet current operational needs. It is recommended that this process be repeated several times over a building's useful life, as building uses often change, systems may have been incorrectly commissioned, designed or installed initially, or the operational performance of major systems may have degraded over time.

A major differentiating factor between a recommissioning project and a standard retrofit project is that the former is focused on low or no cost operational improvements. See section 1.3.5 for examples of recommissioning measures that are well suited to the Program (CanmetENERGY, 2008).

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End uses covered
  • Building end-uses
  • Building systems
  • Building vintage
  • Energy management systems (buildings)
  • Industry end-uses
  • Industrial processes
  • Energy management systems (Industry)
  • Transport end-uses