PROCEL Education

Last updated: 15 October 2019

Procel Education aims to include in the formal education process actions complementary to the curriculum, aiming at the dissemination of energy efficiency among teachers and students from public and private schools in the country. The main lines of action of Procel Education in Basic Education are seeking to cultivate habits and attitudes towards energy efficiency, and Vocational Training in technical and higher levels, it contributes to the training of professionals in various areas, spreading and encouraging teaching, research and extension related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The funding in 2017 has been used to directly fund the following activities:  

- creation of a structure for production of Distance Learning material in areas related to energy, energy eficiency and sustainability, to be integrated to the Procel Info Portal.

- develop resources for dissemination in schools.  

- strength partnerships with other entities such as MEC (Ministery of Education and Culture) in order to integrate themes such as energy efficiency in the school curriculum.

- generally enhance the dissemination of energy efficiency concepts.

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