Quebec Climate Change Action Plan (2012 - 2020)

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 5 November 2017
This action plan is the cornerstone of Québec strategic approach to climate change. It presents an array of tools that will contribute to the attainment of Québec objectives with respect to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and adaptation to climate change impacts. The action plan is not the only means at Québec disposal to attain its objectives, far from it: other strategies, policies and key directions will bolster its efforts in the coming years, in particular in the areas of transportation, land-use planning and energy.
The 30 priorities pinpointed in the CCAP 2020 and the attendant initiatives mark the first phase of this open-ended plan. They should lead to reductions on the order of 6.1 megatons of the estimated 11.7 megatons required between 2013 and 2020 to achieve entirely within Québec the GHG emission reduction target.
GHG Reduction Target: 20% below 1990 levels by 2020.

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