Oil Market Report Schedule 2018

Please note that the IEA's official Oil Market Report online is published to the subscribers site two weeks before it can be released on the public website.

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NB: On each of these dates, the report will be released at 10H00 Paris local time.




•      Friday 19 January

•      Tuesday 13 February (1)

•      Thursday 15 March

•      Friday 13 April

•      Wednesday 16 May

•      Wednesday 13 June (2)

•      Thursday 12 July

•      Friday 10 August (3)

•      Thursday 13 September

•      Friday 12 October

•      Wednesday 14 November

•      Thursday 13 December


The Market Report Series Oil 2018 edition will be released on 5th March.

1. The 13th February OMR will comprise the usual data and projections through end-2018, but with abridged text.

2. Supply/demand forecasts will be 'rolled out' to 2019 in the report dated 13 June 2018.

3. The Annual Statistical Supplement 2018 Edition will be published in conjunction with the report dated 10 August 2018.

NB: On each of these dates, the report will be released at 10:00 am Paris local time.