IEA collaborates with APEC economies

IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka attended the Ninth Meeting of APEC Energy Ministers held in Fukui, Japan on 19 June. 21 economies attended, and discussed on energy security, energy efficiency and low emission energies.

19 June 2010

Mr. Tanaka took lead off speaker role in the energy security session, and proposed IEA’s Joint Program with APEC on emergency policy, including Emergency Response Training, Emergency Response Exercise for APEC/ASEAN, Establishment of Emergency Contacts. He also introduced the joint work for G20 on phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, and expressed the willingness to assist similar work in APEC. Mr. Tanaka also intervened in other sessions to express IEA’s possible contribution to APEC economies in the area of energy efficiency and energy technology roadmap. As an outcome, Fukui Declaration on Low Carbon Paths to Energy Security was agreed and signed by the ministers. The Declaration has attached document “Instructions from APEC Energy Ministers,” which welcomed the IEA emergency response proposal and other contributions.

Mr. Tanaka also visited the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor, Monju, which recently restarted operation after shut down of 14 years. He also test drived the latest models of advanced vehicles.

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