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Launch of Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2014

Webinar: 17 June 2014

Time: 11:00


The non-conventional supply revolution that is transforming the North American oil patch has been widely recognised as a game changer for the oil markets and industry, but how is this transformation playing out against the backdrop of other relevant market developments?

  • How long can the US oil boom be expected to last, and what will it take for other countries to replicate this success story?
  • What is holding up OPEC supply growth, and what will OPEC production capacity look like by the end of the decade?
  • How will the market absorb growing condensate and natural gas liquids supplies in the United States and elsewhere?
  • Will the recovery in global oil demand gain momentum, or is “peak demand” around the corner?
  • Is oil losing its grip on transport fuels?
  • Is US progress towards oil independence a step forward or a step back for crude markets? What about Middle East downstream forays?
  • Who will be the winners and losers of global refining capacity growth, and how will it affect the way refined products are delivered to consumers?

These are just some of the questions addressed in the 2014 edition of the Medium-Term Oil Market Report (MTOMR). As the supply revolution enters a new phase, oil’s role in the global energy mix is being redefined. More than ever, getting a handle on these developments is key to ensuring that energy security is maintained or enhanced, investment is appropriately targeted and resources are optimally leveraged. That makes the MTOMR’s insights into the oil market for the next five years essential reading for energy industry and market stakeholders, policy makers and all those interested in energy and the broader economy.

The MTOMR is required reading for anyone engaged in policy or investment decision-making in the energy sphere, and those more broadly interested in the oil market and the global economy. MTOMR 2014 will be released on 17 June in conjunction with a webinar. Journalists must register in advance to attend the webinar by emailing

Please note: The monthly Oil Market Report for June will be released on 13 June and will comprise the usual data and projections through end-2014, but with abridged text.