Are auctions forecast to be the primary policy mechanism driving utility-scale renewable electricity capacity expansion?
For the first time, more than half of renewable capacity to be commissioned over 2018-23 will have fixed remuneration
1 February 2019

Have the prices from competitive auctions become the "new normal" prices for renewables?
Overall trends show that recent bid prices for onshore wind and solar PV technologies correspond to a 45-50% reduction in contract price for both technologies from 2017 to 2022/23
4 February 2019

Is exponential growth of solar PV the obvious conclusion?
The future of solar PV, like so many parts of the energy system, will continue to depend largely on decisions made by governments
6 February 2019

Battery storage is (almost) ready to play the flexibility game
In an electricity world that sees variable renewables at the centre stage, market players and policy makers cannot overlook the need for flexibility
7 February 2019

Signposts for the gas outlook
WEO scenarios and analysis provide insight into the factors that will shape the future of gas markets
7 February 2019

Improving efficiency is a key focus of the IEA’s global work
Next IEA energy efficiency training event to be held in Bangkok
8 February 2019

IEA becomes Facilitator of Biofuture Platform
Biofuture Platform aims to accelerate development and scale up deployment of sustainable bioenergy
8 February 2019

Oil Market Report: Quality matters
Stocks in most markets are currently ample and there is more spare production capacity available
13 February 2019

The mysterious case of disappearing electricity demand
While global electricity demand growth has been strong, in recent years electricity demand in advanced economies has begun to flatten or in some cases decline
14 February 2019

IEA holds high-level workshop on hydrogen
Workshop aims to inform upcoming IEA G20 report on hydrogen
18 February 2019

Will system integration of renewables be a major challenge by 2023?
System integration of renewables can be successfully remedied in a cost-effective manner
20 February 2019

Ambassador Hiroshi Oe of Japan welcomed as IEA Governing Board Chair
Ambassador Oe is the third Japanese national to serve as IEA Governing Board Chair in the Agency’s 45-year history
21 February 2019

IEA launches World Energy Outlook in China
Event brings together over 120 officials and experts from government, academia and the power sector
20 February 2019

IEA hosts industry dialogue to advance gender equality goals
Equal by 30 campaign seeks to close gap in women’s leadership and participation in the energy sector
25 February 2019

IEA launches online resource on energy service companies around the world
Featuring in-depth pages for 30 countries, interactive charts, a resource browser and a wealth of information on the global ESCO market
26 February 2019

IEA holds workshop on the role of nuclear power in a clean energy system
Discussions focused on the implications of policies and technologies for the role of nuclear power in electricity markets
27 February 2019

Executive Director on official visit to Canada
Dr Birol met with Minister of Natural Resources Mr Amarjeet Sohi
27 February 2019

Executive Director on official visit to the United States
Dr Fatih Birol meets with US Secretary of Energy Perry and testifies before US Senate
28 February 2019