Executive Director pays official visit to Azerbaijan
Dr Fatih Birol meets with Energy Minister Shahbazov and delivers executive address on global energy trends
13 September 2018

IEA steps up its work on energy innovation as money flows into new energy tech companies
Investments are leading indicators of the direction of change in the energy sector
5 September 2018

UK and seven major companies join campaign for vehicle electrification
EV30@30 aims to speed up the deployment of electric vehicles and target at least 30 percent new electric vehicle sales by 2030
11 September 2018

OMR: Tightening up on the way
Since the previous OMR, the price of Brent crude oil fell close to $70 per barrel
13 September 2018

IEA releases two reports on energy transitions in G20 countries
Technical reports shed light on progress and challenges including promoting energy system flexibility and the importance of energy data
25 September 2018

IEA releases paper on gas market design in Brazil
Report represents the final outcome of the IEA-Brazil gas market peer-review and dialogue process
28 September 2018