Preview of World Energy Outlook 2018
Next edition includes special focus on electricity, producer economies, and the role of innovation
4 June 2018

OMR: Filling the gap
The issue of exports from Venezuela and Iran is likely to dominate the agenda when leading producers meet in Vienna later this month
13 June 2018

IEA hosts workshop to support worldwide uptake of carbon capture technologies
The two-day event considers how innovative policy approaches and new business models can accelerate investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
13 June 2018

IEA participates in G20 energy ministerial meeting in Argentina
Group of 20 highlight the importance of clean energy technologies to accelerate the low-carbon transition
18 June 2018

The gas industry’s future looks bright over next five years, according to IEA analysis
Latest five-year market forecast highlights deep transformations in natural gas markets
26 June 2018

IEA for EU4Energy Policy Forum on energy subsidies taking place in Kyrgyzstan
Discussions focus on phasing out energy subsidies, demand restraint and fuel switching
27 June 2018

Executive Director makes official visit to the United States
Two-day trip includes meetings with high-level officials and launch of Gas 2018
28 June 2018

IEA holds high-level meeting on the future of nuclear power
Discussions focused on the challenges of nuclear energy and technologies for the future role of nuclear power in electricity markets
29 June 2018

From energy to chemicals
New IEA analysis in September on “The Future of Petrochemicals” will focus on exploring a pathway to a more sustainable chemical industry
2 July 2018

Electricity in every village in India
India realises one of the greatest achievements in the history of energy, ahead of schedule
1 June 2018