2018 News

Executive Director pays official visit to Azerbaijan
Dr Fatih Birol meets with Energy Minister Shahbazov and delivers executive address on global energy trends
13 September 2018

OMR: Tightening up on the way
Since the previous OMR, the price of Brent crude oil fell close to $70 per barrel
13 September 2018

UK and seven major companies join campaign for vehicle electrification
EV30@30 aims to speed up the deployment of electric vehicles and target at least 30 percent new electric vehicle sales by 2030
11 September 2018

Commentary: IEA steps up its work on energy innovation as money flows into new energy tech companies
Investments are leading indicators of the direction of change in the energy sector
5 September 2018

Singapore and the IEA co-host first ever ASEAN Clean Energy Investment and Financing Training Programme
More than 100 participants take part in hands-on training on how to attract investments and sustainable financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency
31 August 2018

IEA Executive Director makes official visit to India
Dr Fatih Birol meets with key ministers and delivers the Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture in New Delhi
31 August 2018

IEA holds workshop on natural gas market design in Brazil
IEA and member country experts presented preliminary assessment and recommendations based on the proposals of the Gas to Grow initiative
31 August 2018

Commentary: The energy sector is feeling the heat
Record summer temperatures have put strain on energy systems across the northern hemisphere
29 August 2018

Commentary: 10 tips to stay cool in today’s heat
While greater access to cooling services is a good thing, it could place a major strain on energy systems
6 August 2018

Investment Analysis: The journey of US light tight oil production towards a financially sustainable business
The US shale industry seems to have reached a turning point
26 July 2018

Commentary: Decline in renewables investment is a warning signal for clean energy transitions
Government policy is key to boosting renewables finance
24 July 2018

Newly updated statistics data services and overviews
Statistics Information series covers all fuels and energy balances
23 July 2018

Largest ever IEA Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week held in Jakarta
220 energy efficiency professionals from government institutions, industry and academia gather from across Southeast Asia
20 July 2018

Executive Director on official visit to Thailand
Dr Birol met with Thailand’s energy minister to review expanding collaboration
18 July 2018

Global energy investment in 2017 fails to keep up with energy security and sustainability goals
Report also finds governments play a growing role in driving energy spending worldwide
17 July 2018

Executive Director on official visit to Indonesia
Dr Fatih Birol met with Indonesia's minister of energy and mineral resources and discussed collaboration between IEA and Indonesia
16 July 2018

OMR: Stretched to the limit
There are indications that production from leading producers is climbing and may reach record levels
12 July 2018

OMR: Cooling down
Concerns about the stability of oil supply have cooled down somewhat, at least for now
12 July 2018

IEA Executive Director on Official Visit to China
Focuses on deepening collaboration to bolster energy security, improve air quality and reduce carbon intensity
10 July 2018

Commentary: The importance of real-world policy packages to drive energy transitions
For many countries, carbon prices are one policy within a complex policy system to drive energy transitions
9 July 2018

Commentary: Progress with solar heat in India
Even in the hottest climates, heat production makes up a significant proportion of energy demand
3 July 2018

IEA holds 9th Emergency Response Exercise
Exercise simulates response to disruption to global oil supplies
2 July 2018

Commentary: From energy to chemicals
New IEA analysis in September on “The Future of Petrochemicals” will focus on exploring a pathway to a more sustainable chemical industry
2 July 2018

IEA holds high-level meeting on the future of nuclear power
Discussions focused on the challenges of nuclear energy and technologies for the future role of nuclear power in electricity markets
29 June 2018

Executive Director makes official visit to the United States
Two-day trip includes meetings with high-level officials and launch of Gas 2018
28 June 2018

IEA for EU4Energy Policy Forum on energy subsidies taking place in Kyrgyzstan
Discussions focus on phasing out energy subsidies, demand restraint and fuel switching
27 June 2018

The gas industry’s future looks bright over next five years, according to IEA analysis
Latest five-year market forecast highlights deep transformations in natural gas markets
26 June 2018

IEA participates in G20 energy ministerial meeting in Argentina
Group of 20 highlight the importance of clean energy technologies to accelerate the low-carbon transition
18 June 2018

IEA hosts workshop to support worldwide uptake of carbon capture technologies
The two-day event considers how innovative policy approaches and new business models can accelerate investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
13 June 2018

OMR: Filling the gap
The issue of exports from Venezuela and Iran is likely to dominate the agenda when leading producers meet in Vienna later this month
13 June 2018

Preview of World Energy Outlook 2018
Next edition includes special focus on electricity, producer economies, and the role of innovation
4 June 2018

Commentary: Electricity in every village in India
India realises one of the greatest achievements in the history of energy, ahead of schedule
1 June 2018

Strong policy and falling battery costs drive another record year for electric cars
Latest IEA report finds that charging infrastructure, more battery improvements and the supply of core materials will be critical to sustaining growth
30 May 2018

IEA and African Union sign strategic partnership on sustainable energy for all goals
H.E. Dr Abou-Zeid addresses Africa’s energy challenges at the IEA’s high-level speaker series
25 May 2018

Commentary: Offshore wind and hydrogen for industry in Europe
Clean electricity could provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in industry, but hurdles remain
25 May 2018

IEA and China National Bureau of Statistics hold training workshop on energy statistics
Event focused on the importance of energy efficiency indicators and renewable energy statistics
24 May 2018

Global EV Pilot City Programme launched at Clean Energy Ministerial
Programme aims to facilitate communication and cooperation among leading global cities working to promote the use of electric vehicles
24 May 2018

IEA report highlights need for policy action to improve power system flexibility
Flexible power plants allow tapping more or higher shares of low-cost wind, solar while maintaining energy security
24 May 2018

Only 4 out of 38 clean-energy technologies are on track to meet long-term climate goals
Only 4 out of 38 clean-energy technologies are on track to meet long-term climate goals
23 May 2018

Canadian energy system has significant untapped efficiency savings
Under current policies, economically viable efficiency measures could reduce energy demand in buildings and transport by one quarter
18 May 2018

WEO Analysis: Is natural gas in good shape for the future?
World Energy Outlook 2017 section on natural gas available for free download
16 May 2018

OMR: From fundamentals to geopolitics
The rapidly changing geopolitical landscape will move the attention away from stocks as producers and consumers consider how to limit volatility in the oil market
16 May 2018

Air conditioning use emerges as one of the key drivers of global electricity-demand growth
New IEA analysis shows urgent need to improve cooling efficiency as global energy demand for ACs to triple by 2050
15 May 2018

IEA hosts seventh energy efficiency training week for emerging economies
Over 800 participants have taken part in EETW events since 2016
14 May 2018

IEA statement on global oil market conditions
The IEA stands ready to act if necessary to ensure markets remain well supplied
9 May 2018

Commentary: Quality vs Quantity – Are global refiners ready for US shale exports?
Surge in US production is changing perceptions in the global refining business
7 May 2018

IEA for EU4Energy Policy Forum discusses opportunities and challenges for bioenergy use
In participating countries, the potential for bioenergy generally remains underexploited
4 May 2018

Commentary: where are we on the road to clean energy?
Tracking the progress of the clean energy transitions that are underway around the world can clarify how far we’ve come and help propel further ambition
4 May 2018

Executive Director in Riyadh to meet Saudi Energy Minister, H.E. Khalid A. Al-Falih
Visit focuses on energy and technology cooperation between IEA and Saudi Arabia
2 May 2018

Progress on global energy goals slow, but strong gains in countries show promise
The world is not on track to meet the global energy targets for 2030 set as part of the Sustainable Development Goals
2 May 2018

IEA holds high-level roundtable meeting on producer economies
Next World Energy Outlook will feature a special focus on energy producers
27 April 2018

IEA holds high-level workshop on the future of electricity
Large gathering is part of agency-wide effort on next World Energy Outlook special electricity focus
24 April 2018

IEA convenes meeting of the Energy Business Council
High-level gathering of energy executives aims to deepen global energy dialogue
23 April 2018

Global goals on energy access, renewables and efficiency will not be met without accelerated ambition
Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030
18 April 2018

Better information needed to improve gender diversity in the clean-energy sector
IEA co-hosted workshop under the C3E TCP to promote higher participation of women in energy sector
18 April 2018

Executive Director Meets with German Minister of Economy and Energy
Meeting focused on IEA’s role in the global clean energy transition
17 April 2018

Economic value of energy efficiency can drive reductions in global CO2 emissions
End-use energy efficiency can deliver a third of the CO₂ savings necessary by 2050 to meet climate goals
17 April 2018

The Year of Electricity at the IEA
Electricity is at the centre of IEA analysis in 2018, including with a special focus in the World Energy Outlook 2018
16 April 2018

Commentary: International Maritime Organization agrees to first long-term plan to curb emissions
Historic shipping industry climate deal is in line with Paris Agreement and the IEA’s Beyond 2°C Scenario
13 April 2018

Executive Director on official visit to India
Meetings with Ministers Pradhan, Goyal and Singh highlight growing cooperation between India and the IEA
13 April 2018

OMR: Mission accomplished?
Oil demand expected to grow by 1.5 mb/d in 2018
13 April 2018

Key Electricity Trends 2017
OECD net electricity production grew by 0.8% compared to 2016 according to IEA monthly data
12 April 2018

Key Natural Gas Trends 2017
Natural gas production across the OECD rose by 2.4% in 2017 compared to 2016, based on IEA monthly data
12 April 2018

Key Oil Trends 2017
Total OECD annual production of crude oil, NGL, and refinery feedstocks increased by 2.6% in 2017 compared to 2016
12 April 2018

Executive Director meets with Saudi Energy Minister, H.E. Khalid A. Al-Falih
Discussions focus on oil market developments and how IEA can collaborate on increasing renewables, nuclear and energy efficiency in Saudi Arabia
10 April 2018

Executive Director meets with Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
Discussions focus on developments in global energy markets and efforts to achieve universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy services
6 April 2018

Cement technology roadmap plots path to cutting CO2 emissions 24% by 2050
Joint low-carbon technology roadmap by IEA and the CSI outlines investment and policy needs to meet global emissions reduction targets in cement production
6 April 2018

Executive Director meets with Czech Minister of Industry and Trade
Discussions reviewed energy policy in Czech Republic, Europe and globally
5 April 2018

IEA Executive Director visits OPEC Secretary General at Vienna headquarters
Working visit highlights importance of enhanced dialogue on energy markets
4 April 2018

Commentary: Infrastructure investments key to unlocking more US oil supply
Growth in West Texas oil supplies could put strain on US export capacity unless new investment forthcoming
28 March 2018

Executive Director meets Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Discussions ranged from Norway’s contribution to global oil supply security to the country’s efforts on promoting global access to energy
27 March 2018

Enhancing the Impact of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policies
IEA holds joint workshop for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Working Parties
27 March 2018

Executive Director visits the Netherlands
Dr Fatih Birol met with Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, as well as members of parliament and CEOs of energy companies
26 March 2018

Commentary: Energy has a role to play in achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation
Water is essential to almost all aspects of energy supply while energy is also required for water treatment and transport
22 March 2018

Global energy demand grew by 2.1% in 2017, and carbon emissions rose for the first time since 2014
Fossil fuels accounted for over 70% of the growth in world energy demand last year
22 March 2018

IEA for EU4Energy holds regional training on monthly data in Odessa, Ukraine
Week-long event brings together energy experts and statisticians from 10 countries
20 March 2018

Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030
IEA introduces new online resource for all its Sustainable Development Goals data and projections
19 March 2018

OMR: On balance
Brent crude averaging close to $67 per barrel in 2018, about 20% higher than in early 2017
15 March 2018

Commentary: US budget bill may help carbon capture get back on track
Provision could provide the first significant stimulus to the global fortunes of carbon capture for several years
12 March 2018

International Solar Alliance vision to contribute to global sustainable development
ISA can accelerate solar PV deployment in developing countries and facilitate energy access.
11 March 2018

IEA launches Energy Efficiency Indicators Online Training Courses
Professional online courses aim to help statisticians and policymakers develop and maintain energy efficiency indicators
9 March 2018

Nordic region offers valuable lessons for rapid EV deployment worldwide
Five Nordic countries make up about 8% of the global electric car fleet despite representing less than 0.5% of the global population
8 March 2018

Commentary: Gender diversity in energy sector is critical to clean energy transition
On International Women’s Day, more needed to reduce diversity gap and encourage women participation
8 March 2018

IEA workshop emphasizes the “multiple benefits” of energy efficiency
More than 70 participants from around the world attend three-day event in Paris
5 March 2018

Record oil output from US, Brazil, Canada and Norway to keep global markets well supplied
IEA report finds the United States alone will account for nearly 60% of global supply growth through 2023
5 March 2018

Executive Director meets with Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Discussions focus on future co-operation between Japan and the IEA and a review of major energy issues in Japan and around the world
27 February 2018

WEO Analysis: A sea change in the global oil trade
The World Energy Outlook traces three trends that are reshaping traditional oil trade flows and considers their implications for future oil security
23 February 2018

IEA marks historic day in global energy governance with first member country in Latin America
IEA marks historic day in global energy governance with first member country in Latin America
18 February 2018

Executive Director meets Australian Ministers and energy community to review global energy markets
Dr Fatih Birol's visit coincided with publication of in-depth review of Australia’s energy policies
15 February 2018

IEA commends Australia’s commitment to affordable, secure and clean energy
Energy policy review focuses on natural gas markets and integrating variable renewables
14 February 2018

OMR: History repeating itself?
Fast rising production in non-OPEC countries, led by the US, is likely to grow by more than demand
13 February 2018

Broadest ever participation in IEA emergency response exercise
For the first time in the IEA’s history, Member, Accession and Association countries work together to simulate collective response to an oil supply disruption
12 February 2018

IEA and KAPSARC co-host workshop on decarbonisation potential of advanced CO2-EOR
Participants explore the economic and environmental potential of combining CO2 enhanced oil recovery with carbon storage
31 January 2018

Commentary: More policy attention is needed for renewable heat
Heat remains the sleeping giant of energy policy despite massive potential for energy savings and emissions reductions
25 January 2018

Commentary: Clean and efficient heat for industry
There is no single solution for reducing energy demand and emissions from industrial heat use
23 January 2018

Chile’s renewable energy potential promises multiple benefits for the country, according to latest IEA country review
Energy policy review applauds Chile for significant progress in the electricity sector and urges more ambition on energy efficiency and sustainable use of firewood
23 January 2018

IEA Governing Board re-elects Dr Fatih Birol as Executive Director
Unanimous decision extends Dr Birol's tenure for another four years
22 January 2018

OMR: Is seventy plenty?
The price of Brent crude oil closed earlier this week above $70 per barrel for the first time since late 2014
19 January 2018

IEA presents global energy market outlook before United States Senate
Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol discusses long-term US and global outlook
16 January 2018

Commentary: The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand
Over 15% of electricity demand today could be used as a source of flexibility to help integrate variable renewables such as wind and solar PV
10 January 2018

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