Changing utility business models and electricity investment
Technology, market and policy changes are transforming European utilities and new creating strategic opportunities
15 December 2017

IEA hosts joint data meeting with experts from IPCC
Two-day meeting examined ways to improve data quality and collection
15 December 2017

Executive Director meets with China’s Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
Dr Birol discussed expanding energy cooperation and deepen ties with China
8 December 2017

The IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators Database
Updated database contains annual data from 2000 to 2015
5 December 2017

High-speed rail presents major opportunities for decarbonisation of transport
The IEA-UIC Railway Handbook 2017 outlines how the rail sector can play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions
7 December 2017

Unlocking energy savings from buildings
The energy intensity of buildings is improving only slowly, representing a major opportunity for further savings
11 December 2017

Executive Director meets with President of Mexico
Mexico to become the IEA’s 30th member in a boost to global energy governance
12 December 2017

OMR: Happy New Year?
This week’s closure of the Forties pipeline network added momentum to Brent crude prices
14 December 2017

Coal demand to remain flat to 2022, resulting in a decade of stagnation
The share of coal in the power mix will fall to 36% by 2022, the lowest since IEA began compiling statistics
18 December 2017

Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia
Cheaper renewable technologies open new options for cost-effective electricity access
19 December 2017

Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol recognized as Energy Personality of the Year
Distinction highlights IEA’s modernization agenda since 2015
18 December 2017

Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality
With the phase-out of coal-fired boilers progressing, China’s central heating fuel mix is changing rapidly
21 December 2017

Fossil-fuel consumption subsidies are down, but not out
Subsidies for fossil fuels are falling but remain much higher than those for renewables
20 December 2017