IEA Executive Director receives Carnot Prize from the University of Pennsylvania
The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania awarded its annual Carnot Prize to Dr Fatih Birol for his distinguished contributions to energy policy
17 November 2016

World Energy Outlook 2016
Renewables and natural gas are the big winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040
16 November 2016

Speeding up Carbon Capture and Storage needed to meet climate goals
CCS today is the only technology able to significantly reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants operating or under construction around the world
15 November 2016

Morocco becomes IEA Association Country, a first for the Middle East and Africa
The first IEA Association country from the Middle East and Africa has abundant renewable energy resources and is a regional leader in deploying clean energy technologies and energy efficiency measures
14 November 2016

Policies are critical for the invisible fuel
Though 2015 was a record year for renewables, there is another energy technology that is making steady – but quiet – progress in limiting greenhouse gas emissions: energy efficiency.
14 November 2016

OMR: Holding the line
Investments ensure that the market remains close to balance and that prices are as stable and as fair for both producers and consumers as can ever be possible in such a dynamic industry
10 November 2016

Paris Agreement formally enters into force
With the entry into force of the historic Paris Agreement today, the world is finally committing to collectively tackling climate change.
4 November 2016

Emissions data critical for targeted climate action
Knowing how much CO2 is being released and from where better enables countries to act on climate commitments
7 November 2016

A delicate balance between water demand and the low-carbon energy transition
Energy and water have always been closely intertwined: water is essential for energy production, likewise energy is critical to water supply
15 November 2016

Major countries commit to increase the share of electric vehicles in government fleets
The Declaration emphasises the renewal of government fleets and showcases commitments of these countries to the introduction of low-emission vehicles
16 November 2016

A low-carbon future for India’s railways
In countries like India, rail transport still continues to play a central role in moving people and goods
21 November 2016

IEA moves to enhance global gas security
While the rise of the liquefied natural gas market has accelerated the globalization of natural gas, the energy security implications of this transformation have attracted much less attention.
24 November 2016