IEA and China launch the process of establishing a joint energy centre in Beijing
Centre will enhance IEA’s co-operation with key global energy player
30 March 2016

Decoupling of global emissions and economic growth confirmed
IEA analysis shows energy-related emissions of CO2 stalled for the second year in a row as renewable energy surged
16 March 2016

How best to encourage renewable energy after COP21
More than 150 experts from around the globe share ideas with the IEA
14 March 2016

IEA releases Oil Market Report for March
Estimate of decline in non-OPEC output for 2016 is cut by 12%
11 March 2016

Poor air quality: good energy policies can help save lives
International experts advise IEA on forthcoming World Energy Outlook special report
10 March 2016

IEA enhances co-operation with India on energy policy and technology research
Agreement steps up engagement in several key fields
4 March 2016