IEA shares expertise on energy efficiency with trainees from 40 countries

8 June 2015

The IEA Energy Training Week that started on 8 June 2015 has brought approximately 100 participants to Paris from countries as far afield as China and Cameroon, Morocco and Mexico, and Turkey and Thailand – all to learn the various steps to designing, implementing, measuring and modifying energy efficiency programmes for emerging economies.

IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol opened the week of intensive classes, site visits and exercises, welcoming the energy specialists from both government agencies and the private sector in 40 countries. He noted energy efficiency’s key role not just in energy security but also for reducing carbon emissions to slow global warming.

The trainees were studying energy efficiency policies across multiple sectors all week, focusing during the middle three days on one of four sectors: buildings, industry, transport, or lighting, appliances and equipment. The courses, led by analysts from the IEA Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology Directorate, feature sessions on prioritisation, toolkits for successful programmes, and best resources for implementation, monitoring and modification.

A World Bank representative was joining Energy Training Week on the final day for an all-participants presentation, “Smart Communications Strategies to Support Energy Efficiency Goals”, before leading a group exercise on designing energy efficiency information campaigns.

Another highlight of the training is each in-depth course’s site visit, which range from the logistics centre for the Paris regional transportation system to the headquarters of the French energy management and automation company Schneider.

Over the past five years, more than 2 000 people from around the world have taken part in training weeks and other IEA Energy Training and Capacity Building Programme events, all targeted at central government officials and key national stakeholders, such as governmental executive agencies and the private sector.