Overhaul of Oil Market Report offers interactive graphics, improved search and much more

6 January 2015

The IEA has completed an upgrade of its online Oil Market Report (OMR) that adds interactive graphics to each new monthly issue as well as more powerful search options and a fully indexed archive of reports from the past seven years. The overhaul also includes the merger of the two previously separate websites for subscriber and non-subscriber content.

The improved OMR features a new interface that opens with a homepage bar chart displaying global oil demand for the previous 18 months as well as the outlook for the next six quarters. A quick click in the box below the graph brings up charts of recent global or OPEC-only supply data, prices and spreads, with the exact figure for each month appearing when the cursor hovers on the appropriate spot. A handy glossary, searchable by word or category, defines technical terms.  

Inside each issue, colourful charts and graphs illustrate oil production and demand for countries and regions around the world, as well as refining activity and oil stocks. Analysts from the IEA Oil Industry and Markets Division provide expert commentary explaining recent and ongoing developments as well as the immediate outlook, addressing demand and supply fluctuations, prices, refining, shipping, strategic reserves and much more. A navigation tool on the left side of each page permits quick movement from section to section of the issue, including the extensive data tables, as well as to sections of past issues.

All content in the redesigned OMRs is available in both text and Adobe PDF formats, so readers can search for keywords using a new tool based on Google technology. In fact, they can now search all issues dating back to 2007 because the IEA revamped those archived reports, too, to permit quick and effective comparisons. In addition, with just a few clicks subscribers and non-subscribers alike can download for free content from any archived issue since 1990, including data tables.

The OMR, first published in 1983, provides the IEA view of the state of the international oil market, and projections for oil supply and demand 6-18 months ahead. Each month’s OMR is available exclusively to subscribers for two weeks after release, but non-subscribers can see the new issue’s Highlights and other significant data right away on the same page that subscribers use to access the full report. After the two weeks, the report becomes available for free viewing on the OMR website, though some tables, charts and analysis remain subscriber-only content.

To subscribe to the OMR, please click here. The next issue will be released, in conjunction with the annual Medium-Term Oil Market Report, on 10 February.