Kazakhstan is first Caspian-Black Sea country to join IEA technology initiative

18 February 2015

The IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology on 17 February approved the first-time participation of Kazakhstan in an IEA Energy Technology Initiative (ETI) focusing on modelling (ETSAP). Kazakhstan, the first country from the Caspian and Black Sea region to participate in an ETI, will be represented by Nazarbayev University. 

The Embassy Counsellor, Arken Arystanov (centre left in photo), accompanied by First Secretary Yerbol Sarypbekov (far left) and Second Secretary Turar Taushev (far right) of the Kazakhstani Embassy to France, attended the committee meeting. They were welcomed to the IEA by Carrie Pottinger (centre right), Programme Manager, Technology R&D Networks.

The year 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the ETI mechanism, which involves approximately 6 000 experts from more than 50 countries worldwide.