Electricity Security Advisory Panel meeting examines reliability of markets

16 June 2014

After IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security Keisuke Sadamori welcomed participants to the debut ESAP meeting, US Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner John R. Norris delivered the keynote address.

The electricity sector is at a turning point in the transition to low-carbon sources for power production. This will require massive investments in new-generation assets, transmission and distribution networks, as well as improving system operations while managing the transformation associated with new information and distributed technologies. Regulatory and market arrangements must keep pace with these potential game changers.

In order to pool together the necessary knowledge and expertise to consolidate its work, the IEA launched its Electricity Security Advisory Panel (ESAP) last week.

The first ESAP meeting gathered together sectoral experts and policy makers from OECD member countries on Thursday, 12 June, in Paris to share experiences and discuss innovative policy options about the reliability of market frameworks, the integration of power markets, the role of renewables in market design developments and the best ways to drive investments to foster the transition to a low-carbon economy.

IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security Keisuke Sadamori opened the meeting, and Commissioner John R. Norris of the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission delivered the keynote address.

The ESAP will support IEA work on topics related to electricity security, contributing to publications to be released in 2015. The IEA will look at challenges related to transforming the power system to a secure supply through sustainable generation, increasing flexibility and integrating new players in the system. ESAP members will help the IEA formulate suggestions for adapting regulatory market frameworks to manage the transition. Two workshops in Paris in early July – “Pricing Scarcity and Flexibility” and “Demand Response” – will start the process. For more information about ESAP or workshops, please contact gcp@iea.org.