Interactive map provides information on global unconventional gas output

22 July 2014

As the unconventional gas revolution spreads around the world, the IEA is now offering an interactive website for country-by-country comparison of unconventional gas production.

The new IEA web tool is map-based and displays data compiled from several sources that are used in compiling the annual IEA publication World Energy Outlook. When users select a country, they can see historical production data for unconventional gas broken down by type: tight gas, coalbed methane and shale gas. The map includes data for both member and non-member countries, featuring such major current and potential producers as Australia, Canada, China and the United States.

The web tool builds on the work of the IEA Unconventional Gas Forum. The IEA created the Forum to inform decision makers around the globe on best operational and regulatory practices to capture the economic, security and other benefits of increased unconventional gas output. The Forum’s second annual meeting, this past March in Canada, shared best practices for safe and minimal use of water during unconventional gas production.